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swastika inside the avatars of

Posted by antrikos on August 7, 2010

Commenting at the site, I ascertained all the automaticaly given avatars (gravatar) by have a covered – hiden swastika.
like this:  or this:  or this: 
(,,, and too many other which you can see in variety at

In order to protest to wordpress, I opened a topic at its forum :, calling the users of wordpress services and my friends to express a protestation demanding the withdrawing of this type of avatars.

A guy (he must be from wordpress) answered immediately, admitting the existence of swastika, refering me to the history of swastika as a non-nazi symbol.

Finally, the topic was closed; so it isn’t possible the expression of protest, showing the guiltiness of wordpress.

I appeal to all antifascist people, especially to the users of wordpress services to protest against attitute of the wordpress using swastikas, opening same topics. The internet address is:

The users of can act at the same way, because the comments of wordpress users let the swastika as sign.

I appeal to all antifascists who write in forums to protest, opening same topics.

Down with Fascism – Nazism. Long live Liberty.


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Posted by andreasantypas on November 15, 2007

On this site I’ll put my articles in English. The original articles are written in Greek. If you speak Greek, you can see or read my articles at if you don’t, you have to wait for the translation. This is a quite difficult job because I must translate the texts during my free time. So, we’re lost in translation!

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